Fin uses state of the art nanotechnology developed in India to give you pure and healthy drinking water from any water source.


Fin’s membrane technology saves the highest amount of water during the purification process making it environment friendly. 


Fin naturally retains essential minerals while maintaining alkalinity to give you pure and mineral rich water. 

Easy Filter Replacement

Replace the filters in 3 easy steps without the help of a technician. 

Pipeless Design

State of the art pipeless design reduces the risk of leakages.

Digital Display

LED display screen indicates the water quality, TDS level and real time status of each filter.

Sleek Design

Sleek and a compact design saves space and looks great anywhere in the kitchen.

High Purification Rate

At 72L/Hr, FIN has the highest purification rate among all water purifiers.

Get updates on your phone

Download the FIN Smart app to monitor filter life, water purity levels and performance in real-time.


An IoT Enabled Smart App to keep you informed about the life of your filters, a revolutionary DIY filter replacement system to eliminate the need for expensive customer service. Right from the first step, FIN eases your life every step of the way.
0% Hassle 100% Control


  • Choosing a compact purifier that hardly takes much space was a great thought as other water purifiers being bulky normally take up a lot of space. The best part is the candles do not require service personnel to check and the status shown on the app itself makes things very convenient. Normal water or drinking water both are purified into drinking healthy water which is not seen in other purifiers. A system that allows it to auto clean itself from your phone or other gadgets at the press of a button. Another new feature. Service with just a call - how does it get any better than that? Candles have a long life so no contracts are to be signed for service. Since the FIN has been installed I have no complaints. A very good, practical, convenient purifier of today’s technology. I love it

    Yogini Agarwal
    Yogini Agarwal Hyderabad
  • I was on the lookout for a water purifier that was an alternative RO for our renovated kitchen and I was recommended FIN. I was extremely impressed with the quality and design of the machine and also its compact shape. The entire team is extremely passionate and dedicated about their work and explained in detail the benefits of FIN. They were prompt with their installation work and provided great after-sales service.

    Runal Shah Master franchisee owner Subway south